Friday, September 9, 2016

My Thoughts On The GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter

Better late then never...

The Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter has been the talk of the GURPS town as of late with post about it from Jason Packer's RPG Snob to Joseph Linden's Collaborative Gamer to Pete Dell'Orto's Dungeon Fantastic  to good Ol' Douglas Cole's Gaming Ballistic and Pseudonym even has a tracker widget for it on his blog!

It's also making some good tracking as well. As I post this it has collected a little over 75% of its goal and still has 21 days to go!

I... on the other hand... have been pretty quiet about it.

Part of this have been a lack of free time. My job has eaten up most of my time for the past 2 months and its gotten worse, I haven't had a day off in almost two weeks since I type this (supposed to have day off today... but I was also supposed to have had a day off last Friday as well  so we'll see >.>). This means for the past two weeks about 80% of all my free time has gone into writing the last two GURPS Day articles and I've had little time for anything else.

The other part is.... well... I'm not too big into fantasy.

I'm a sci-fi guy.

My first encounter with role playing was Palladium Book's Robotech RPG series. I was and still am a huge Robotech fan and the thought of being able to run around in a game setting piloting an Alpha Veritech fighter, waging a guerrilla war against the Invid invaders blew my little child mind! Yeah.... the system was damn near unplayable and megadamage... ugh....  just megadamage... but still... the setting more then made up for it at the time (that and I didn't know any better heh). I dived head first into sci-fi gaming and never looked back. 

That and there's the fact that I play GURPS to get away from D&D and in the Dungeon Fantasy line, the GURPS system seems to take a step back to those dark, dark day.... (Note, I don't got a problem for what it does but there is a reason for me why this is a GURPS blog and not a D&D blog heh)

But despite this, despite not being fan of fantasy or the Dungeon Fantasy lin this kickstater needs more coverage, it needs all the coverage!

While I'm not a huge fan of fantasy games... the sad true is the vast majority of RPG gamers are and given that the point of this kick starter is to get make GURPS accessible to a larger audience... and that audience is in love with fantasy games... it just makes the most sense to use their Dungeon Fantasy line. It's what the players want and it's already made and a good seller as it!

And this is what makes me excited about this kickstarter in the end. While I might not be excited for the product its self, it what the product represents, it's end result that does. I try to do my best to  get the word out about GURPS and this is going to shout the that word out to the world through a freakin' mega phone set to 11! 

It's the perfect "gate way drug". It'll let the masses see that all the stupid memes and negative BS put out the vocal minority of  true GURPS haters are just nonsense and the system really is easy to pick up and only complicated if you try to turn on all the advanced rule before you're ready for them. And once get hooked on the Dungeon Fantasy line,  once they get brought into the fold, we got a whole universe of possibilities for them to move on to...

And,  if this line is successful.... maybe we'll even see some more niche settings get some love...

But yeah, if you're a GURPS fan haven't gone over to support the kickstarter please do! Once I pick up my check later (and assuming I don't get called in when I do >.>) I plan on supporting it (and picking up Christopher Rice's, A.K.A Ghostdancers first full on book, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 19: Incantation Magic, which by the by has been added to the kickstarter, since he needs some love too!).

If you're new to GURPS and stumbled on my humble blog, while I don't expect you to throw money at a product, take a look at the kickstarter I think you'll like what you see. 

Here's the link to it once more time:

Whooo-whooo! I'm now a official backer! Wasn't able to afford much but still heh.
Also DF 19 is DLing as I type.

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