Saturday, September 10, 2016

Blogs and Posts That I like

This is going to be an on again, off again series where I go over blogs and individual post that I find interesting, helpful or must reads. The reason for why I'm doing is something I feel everyone knows deep down but I figured it wouldn't hurt to a talk a litte on it anyways.

The way I see it, all us GURPS bloggers aren't lonely island out in the chaotic seas of the interwebs. We're all connected, comrades in arms, and we all have the same goal in the end: To see GURPS grow both for the choir and to help those who aren't yet become so. So by spending a little time getting the word out on the blogs I can cover, I'm not only helping them grow, which in turn help me grow, but it will help grow the entire community and GURPS as a whole.

So to start this off I'm going to cover the three GURPS bloggers who have been there supporting me from the start (well outside of Doug and Ghostdancer... they both popped on my blog less then an hour after I made my first post to give me a little nudging... holy crap they move fast!). I think spending a few words on them is the lest I can do to repay the favor.

Fist up it's GURPS forum regular Daniel Dover, who goes by the handle Mailanka online. His blog Mailanka's Musings has some great stuff on it and more specifically his top notch work on his Psi-Wars setting. 

He not only goes over in detail a setting that is pretty much Star Wars with the serial numbers filed off but go overs why he thinks why it's better to make a setting that's inspired by rather directly copying an established work and does a blow through blow account of just about everything you need to think about, everything you need to cover and how important it is to play test, play test, play test! 

Basically it should be pretty much be called How to Write a GURPS Campaign and I can not stress how much this is a must read for anyone who is working on a campaign, hell even if it's not a GURPS one most of what he says still applies.

Next up is a blog that needs a little more love, Chain Link and Concrete by Michael Eversberg II. He's been especially awesome to me and has comment on almost all of my articles.

He's got a cool article covering converting the US NIJ rating standred to GURPS DR levels here.

A detailed Write up of the M2 Bradly IFV family that's almost on par with Han's writes up like The Devil's Chariot from Pyramid 3/57 Gunplay here.

And he's been working on doing a conversion of Command and Conquer to GURPS, which is pretty freakin' awesome . 

And lastly there's Let's GURPS by another forum regular Pseudonym. He was one of the first people to add me their recommended blogs list and oh boy does this man have some content for ya! He made a pledge to write a post to his blog a day, every day for this year and he deserves some mad props for that commitment!

A few of my favorite posts:

Here's one of my favorites that goes not only into good advice on how to flesh out a character but how to do it in a way that lets the other players know at the general idea of your character as early as possible so they can take that into account as they make theirs.

A couple of farming/plant related sorcerer spells here. Sorcery is fast becoming my favorite magic system and I got a player for a sci-fi campaign I'm working on that has some quasi-fantasy stuff in it who wants to be a geomancer so stuff like that is very useful.

 A really handy Ritual Path Magic cheat sheet pdf here.

A Dungeon Fantasy write up of Jiggly Puff that amuses me to no end here.

And some cool Legend of Zelda write ups here, here, here and here.

So yeah, it would really awesome if you guys  would go over and check them out.


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    1. No problem man, just trying to spread the love :D

  2. Thanks for the plug!

    I've been meaning to read Psi-Wars in more detail because, as you mention, it seems like something anyone making a campaign could get some direction out of. I catch articles here and there, but haven't done much end-to-end yet.

    Also, thanks for the reminder about The Devil's Chariot - that's one I've been meaning to read as well. (I keep getting Pyramid and then forgetting to devote time to actually reading them!)

    1. It's the lest I can do given how much you've supported my blog and yes. get on reading the Devil's Chariot. It's damn good.

    2. Indeed; I scrolled through it once and it seems like it might be a model for future vehicle entries (and I have several I'd like to put out before long).