Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Ultra-Tech Firepower: Ramblings on Ultra-Tech Missile and How to Make them I Guess

Hey everyone! 

Guess what?!

It's that time once again! Time for your favorite crunchmeister to beat upon my favorite dead ultra-horse! This time trying my hardest to wack out the wonkieness behind how Ultra-Tech designed its missiles!


Sunday, May 22, 2022

GURPS YouTube Channels You Should Be Checking Out

While GURPS content is sparse on the ol YouTubes there are actually a few channels that are dedicated to our favorite system. Check these guys out. If we can help these channels spread we can help the system grow. While blogs are good, YouTube is the best way to get new blood into the mix. 

The first two channels are by fellow blogger who blogs to much, Enraged Eggplant of the Generic Universal Eggplant blog.

Enraged Eggplant and The_RyujinLP. 2022, colorized



Just the Parts You Need

This channel covers some deep dives into various GURPS topics covering its rules and concepts. He's been doing this channel for a few years now and has a ton of content to dive into. 


Dungeons and GURPS

Eggplants newest channel, this covers how to run D&D in GURPS and acts as a dive into some of his blog topics. One thing I like is that he really gets into the nitty gritty behind his decision making process on how he decides to cover D&D mechanics. 



Bill Cypher's cooler brother


Another new channel. Still in it's finding it's self stage but I think it has a lot of potential. It also had a unique angle as the channel is CG and based on the character of Diceyed which resembles a mix between Bill Cypher and a D6. He's work has been sporadic up to now do to working on a video game professionally but it seems he now has more free time to create content. I think seeing some support from the community would help booster his moral.


Edit! Can't believe I forgot to add this one, thanks to Enraged Eggplant for reminding me!


Chris Normand

One of the main guys working on the massive GURPS VTT mod for Foundry, besides showing off the amazing features they are adding he also covers general GURPS content as well. Also a good friend of The Mook (RIP my friend, RIP).

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Ultra-Tech Ultra-Quickie: What the Heck is a Payload Rifle Anyways?

It's always kinda puzzled me why I keep seeing people who just don't understand what the Payload Rifle from Ultra-Tech is supposed to be... Then I realize, oh yeah, most people don't quite have my level of unhealthy obsession for obscure next gen weapon technologies (if the FBI ever saw my harddrive.... I'd have some questions to answer). Then I take a look at the WPS of the ammo it fires... JEBUZ! 1 pound?! That's roughly the weight of a modern full sized 25mm autocannon round like the Bushmaster fires! Then I look as the stats, only 10d of penetration when a 25mm should have almost 2.5 times as much. And it kind of makes sense this weapon baffles people.

Of course it doesn't help that the same ammo used for it is listed under machine guns as a 25mm assault cannon (it's... it's not, not even close to an assault cannon buuuuuuut we'll get back to that).

Well I can tell you THAT there is a typo. The weight of the round it fires is nowhere near 1lbs. How do I know? Well, for one the so called "assault cannon" has a magazine weight of 12lbs but holds 34 shots. That's a thing. Guess TL 9 is the era we become Time Lords. Neatto. Then there's the fact that the ammo the payload rifle uses has stats in another book, High-Tech. Hell even the "assault cannon" has stats in that book as well (though even in High-Tech they're slightly off, but we'll get back to that). 

So just what in the seven hecks is this thing then? Follow me after the break to find out!