Thursday, August 2, 2018

High Tech: Raytheon Pike Laser Guided 40mm Munition

Yeah, that's the one.

In my post covering 30mm Gyrocs you might of noticed a pic I placed in there showing a really small missile with the words, “Welp, looks like TL9 is getting closer and closer.” written below it. Well there is a really good reason I stated that, I just didn't really explain why. You see that wasn't just a mock up of some “in the pipe works” concept but rather an example of Raytheon's newest toy, the Pike.

What makes the Pike special and a example of emergent TL9 tech is that its a laser guided mini-missile that's dimensions are only 40×430mm and weighs less then two pounds! Even better, it's designed to be fired out of conventional 40mm grenade launchers that are capable of firing what High-Tech calls long rounds (High-Tech pg 143) such as the H&K M320.

While not yet self guided and a bit bigger, the future depicted in the Transhuman Space where military rifles comes equipped with self guided 30mm mini-missiles is now looking very likely!

Now the actual weapon is still in development and has yet to be officially adopted, it is already close enough that it is being tested in field (by the Canadians it seems though I the sources on this is kinda sketchy. But this would be fitting since Transhuman Space's creator is Canadian heh) so there is a chance that well connected PC's in a modern game could find a way to snag a couple. I'm sure a group of monster hunters will put them to good use. Note that the current test model will only work in slightly modified grenade launcher thought the final model should be able to be fired from any launcher that can fire long rounds.

Now since the Pike is still in development and a rather new weapons system, there isn't exactly a lot of hard data out there so some of the stats I've come up with are borderline ass pull, especially the cost and accuracy and missiles speed. The other stats are reasonably sound.

Raytheon Pike 40mm Precision Guided Munition, 40mm (USA, 2020-)
The Pike is a 40mm precision-guided mini-missile developed by Raytheon that can be fired from conventional breach loaded 40mm grenade launchers such as the Heckler & Koch M320 or a FN mk 13 mod 0.

Unlike the 40mm grenades normally fired by these platforms, the Pike uses a digital, semi-active laser seeker to guide itself to the target and is powered by a rocket that gives a maximum range of 2,200 yards or 1.2 miles. The Pike can be guided using a laser designator that is attached to the firing rifle or by another team member and is capable of picking up a target that have been lazed after the round has been fired blind.

When fired, the Pike is “kicked” out the barrel but a soft launch system similar to regular 40mm grenades to a distance of about 3 yards. After that the main motor kicks in propelling it to a max range of about 2,200 yards in about 15 seconds.

The munition is meant to be used against fixed and slow-moving mid-ranged targets and uses a 10 oz HE-AB warhead (High-Tech pg. 174).

It is also meant to have greater accuracy and longer range then typical “RPG” systems and standard 40mm grenades while being lighter and far cheaper then current man portable guided weapon system.

The Pike is loaded just like a normal 40mm grenade, you slide the breach open and slide in the munition then close and lock the breach. This takes 3 ready actions. Then either firer, if the have a laser desingtor attached to their rifle, or another solider lazes the target using another ready action which gives +3 to Acc. The firer then takes an Aim Maneuver to line up the munition and gain the benefits of the +3 Acc and finally makes another ready action to make an unmodified Artillery (Guided Missile) roll to fire. Though as stated before, it can be blind fired (use Guns (LAW) in this case) and then have a target lazed with in a 60 degree cone in front of the munition while it is in flight. It will still receive the +3 Acc for being guided but does not gain the benefits of its own Acc of 3.

While so far only a HE-AB warhead is planned (shown in table), a potential HEDP warhead would do 7d×2(10) cr ex with 7d+1 cr ex [2d] linked. A hypothetical Thermobaric warhead would do 13d+1 cr ex (divide damage [2×distance in yards from the center of the blast]).

While this will not normally mater, it has backblast 1d+1.

TL Weapon                           Damage            Acc     Range        Weight   RoF    Shots   ST   Cost   LC Notes
8    Raytheon PIKE, 40mm   11d cr ex [2d]    3        150/2,200    1.7        1          1(3)     6†    $700    1     [1, 2, 3]

[1] The munition has a minimum range of 30 yards.
[2] Has hazardous backblast, (see description). 
[3] Homing Attack (see BS pg. 413). Gunner uses Artillery (Guided Missile) to aim.