Sunday, December 16, 2018

Yet Another State of the Blog: A Burning Phoenix

Hey guys long time no see.

You might have noticed that I haven't posted or have really been active on the forum or on discord in a while and really this sucks.

I really do miss seeing how excited people got when I uploaded something new, I mean there is nothing more fulfilling and humbling then knowing something you made is effecting people, some on the other end of the globe. I never thought I'd ever manage something like this. I also miss reading over say Mailanka's blog and getting inspired to spin off one of his ideas and then he'd be inspired by what I was doing or helping out Ol' Ghostdancer on some number crunching or some design work or just hanging out with you guys on discord. You guys were like an online family.

So what happened?

Well a lot of stuff sadly.

On one hand my curse of a job has somehow found a way to just sink further and further into ghd rings of hell. Remember when I last posted about my job and I said things were looking up and we had hired two new people? They have long since quite as well as another worker and then they (finally) hired something new only for them to work a 4hr shift, from 4pm to 8pm, and never show up again. Oh and another worker plans on putting in her 2 week on Monday.... that leaves.... just me. Literally, the entire closing staff has either quite or is about to. I've been working so hard I hardly remember what a day off. Because of this, when I'm not at work I'm so worn out and exhausted I lack to energy to want to bother with anything.

On the other... well I don't want to get to deep with my non-work personal life but.... things are not good right now. I'll just keep it at that for now.

So between the stress of my hellish job and my personal life..... Because of this my muse is kinda dead right now and I'm probably in some state of depression. This has made me just want to shut away everything and has made it hard to do anything I used to enjoy. Hell, I've been trying to force myself write and explanation for why I've gone dark for a few months now.

So is that it? Is GURB a dead blog now?

Well despite all this, despite how gloomy things are right now... no. No, it's not dead. While it's probably going to be a while before I can sort things out and get back to writing I refuse to give up and quite just because life is rough right now.

It's going to be a while and I can give no time frame. I tried to force a return before only for life to swipe me back down. So while the blog is, for now, officially on hiatus... I do plan on returning when things are... well I wouldn't say all fixed... I don't think I'll ever totally fix the hot mess that is my life, but once things have calmed down a bit (At lest on the personal life end of the problems.... given it's gotten this bad at my job and they're still doing nothing to fix it I don't think that part is ever going to get better until I can find a way to out of that hellhole.) and I can get some energy back I'm going my damnedest to make my come back.

Till then sorry for the seemingly endless bad news and lack of updates guys. I hope you all are still here when I can make my come back.

Till then, never stop crunching and have a happy holidays.