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Highly Mobile Infantry

                                                    100 Years of Force by the super talented ukitakumuki 

Earth Republic High-Mobility Infantry
The Earth Republic High-Mobility Infantry is an elite, powered suited, orbital drop deployed, highly mobile strike force sent primarily on deep penetration missions behind enemy lines. Deployed from drops pods (Ultra-Tech pg. 232) launched from troop corvettes, the high-mobility infantry are not meant to take or hold territory but rather to strike the enemy strong and hard taking out strategic targets and forcing the enemy to redeploy forces letting the more conventional forces do their thing.  

The current enemy of the high-mobility infantry is a race only know as the pseudo-scorpiones, a race of aliens that vaguely resemble terrestrial scorpions. The war is currently over contested planets both the Earth Republic and the pseudo-scorpiones have laid claim too, or at lest that is what EarthGov Intelligence thinks. They so far have done little to communicate their actions outside of using alien and human POWs as third parties and little is know about what kind of culture they have or even what they call themselves! 

Below is a list of the powered suits and weapons used by the high-mobility infantry as well as break down of the average pseudo-scorpiones warrior. The Earth Republic is largely TL10 but can produce some TL11 tech in limited quantities for 5× the normal cost.

MAA Mk 12 "Gorilla" Infantry Suit, Powered  (TL10)
The Man Amplifier, Armored Mark 12 "Gorilla" is the baseline infantry powered suit used by the high-mobility infantry. The suit is large and bulky standing 9ft 4in tall (SM +1); between this and the suits name, the men who wear them the are nicknamed "apes".

It's armor is made up of high toughness, high hardness titanium nano-composite and carbon nano-tube reinforced ceramic plates with heavy curving in the front to increase it's effective thickness without any increase in weight. It also have nanoweave fabric covering the exposed gaps and joins such as the back of the knees, inner thighs, elbows and neck giving those locations DR18/6* (use the higher DR against piercing and cutting damage and the lower against all other types).

Its high output artificial muscles gives +22 to Lifting and Striking ST and when powered, does not encumber its wearer and do to it's size it gives +1 to their basic move and grants Super Jump 2. Its powered by a back mounted radiothermal generator that can power a suit for up to 10 years.

Its  has an integrated helmet that includes a filter mask (Ultra-Tech pg. 177), an inertial compass (Ultra-Tech pg. 74),vision and hearing protection (Ultra-Tech pg. 171), a 2× hyperspectral visor (Ultra-Tech pg. 61), a small laser comm (Ultra-Tech pg. 44) and three medium 200 mile radios  (Ultra-Tech pg. 44). Two of the three radios are dedicated to handling data with one usually being dedicated to uploads and one dedicated to down loads to make sure all suits stay connected to the Tacnet system.The helmet can not move but it is designed so that its visor is wide enough that the  wearer can turn their head and still see out of the sides.

Built into is body includes biomedical sensors (Ultra-Tech pg. 187), a  fast, harden, high-capacity, small complexity 7 computer (Ultra-Tech pg. 22), trauma maintenance (Ultra-Tech pg. 189), a provisions dispenser (Ultra-Tech pg. 187) with a week’s provisions (Ultra-Tech pg. 73), tactical ESM (Ultra-Tech pg. 62), and a waste relief system (Ultra-Tech pg. 187). The suit also has infrared cloaking (Ultra-Tech pg. 99) and radar stealth  (Ultra-Tech pg. 100).

The suit also incorporates a cluster of high thrust jump rockets with half a ton of thrust that lets the suit stay mobile and "on the bounce". It's inertial fuel tank carries 78 liters of  liquid hydrogen which gives it enough "juice" for 40 jumps. When firing the jump rockets the levels of super jump it gives your double to 4. While internal, the tank has an extra DR6 protecting it if hit.

The suit is sealed, and has climate control (absolute zero to 500°F), pressure support (50 atm.), radiation protection (PF 20), and vacuum support. It has four large air tanks which holds 144 hours of  supply at TL10 (Ultra-Tech pg. 177).

The Gorilla has three hard points, two 80lbs ones on the back of each shoulder and one  100lbs one on the center of the back, and two 50lbs internal storage thigh holster. 

On one of its shoulder hard point it usually mounts the Mk 217 64mm MLAWS Missile Launcher system attached to an Articulated Weapons Harness that folds the weapon against the suits back when not in use. It's usually used with TL 10 64mm HE and HEDP rounds and sometimes 1kt mini-nukes are given to higher ranked infantrymen when a little extra "persuasion" is needed. Use the stats for the TL10 64mm MLAWS (Ultra-Tech pg. 145-145) with a Articulated Weapons Harness attached (Ultra-Tech pg 150-151).

The other shoulder mount is usually loaded with either loaded the GGU Mk 97-R Heavy Battlesuit Gauss Rifle or the HEW Mk 8 Heavy Flamer, both of which will be attached to a Gyrotabilized Weapon Harness as their main side arm. Some units will be given the GGU Mk 97-L Squad Automatic Gauss Rifle  (also attached to a Gyrotabilized Weapon Harness) to provide heavy fire support.

Their back mount is usually loaded with the IFSG Mk 12 "Double I-rack" double barreled 64mm Gauss Grenade Launcher to provide some mobile motor support.

Their hip mounted internal hostlers usually hold a Mk 2 mod VII Battlesuit combat vibro-blade in one and either a GGU Mk 97-C PDW or a HEW Mk 5 Battlesuit Heavy Hand Flamer to use as a side arm in the other.

Also depending on the mission they tend to be equipped with a variety of externally mounted 64mm Grenades (Ultra-Tech pg. 146) armed with different TL10 64mm warheads (Ultra-Tech pg. 152-159) depending on the mission. Grenades armed with pys-op "message bomb" warheads are quiet popular with the troops do to rather dark sense of humor their messages tend to have.

MAA Mk 12 Mod II "Silverback" Command Suit, Powered (TL11)
The Silverback is a variant of the Gorrilla made for command and control. It is an elite model made from effectively TL11 technology which makes it very expensive and do to it's complexity it has two levels of the Hanger Queen quirk meaning it has a lot of down time when being maintenance.

It has all the same equipment as the Gorilla but use their TL11 stats with the exception of its radiothermal generator which is still TL10. 

It also has the following changes:

Gives +26 to Lifting and Striking ST, 2 levels of Super Jump with out its jump rockets and is equiped with a more powerful 1,500lbs of thrust rockets that gives  5 levels of Super Jumps with a boosted jump with 40 uses (Fuel Tank has DR 8), the 4 air tanks hold 8 days worth of air climate control (absolute zero to 1,000°F), pressure support (55 atm.) and radiation protection (PF 25). The armor that covers it gaps has DR24/8* (Use the higher DR value against piercing and cutting damage, the lower number against all other types).

The Silverback has all the same hard points as the Gorilla but do to its mission its seldom armed with more then a side arm and a Mk 2 mod VII Battlesuit combat vibro-blade.

MAA Mk 15 "Gibbon " Scout Suit, Powered (TL10+1)
The Gibbon is a light weight scout variant of the Gorilla. Made on a similar but lighter frame, it trades front line fighting ability for being able to fit into smaller areas and hide. Unlike the other suits it stands only 8ft 6in tall but is still just barely SM +1.

It has all the same gear and abilities as the Gorilla with the follow changes:

Gives +19 to Lifting and Striking ST, its infrared cloaking  and radar stealth are both TL11 versions and it gives 2 levels of Super Jump with out jump rockets and 5 levels of Super Jumps with a boosted jump do to it's higher powered 1,500lbs of thrust jump rocket. It also has enough fuel for 40 jumps. The armor that covers the gaps are the same as on the  Gorilla suit.

Gibbon suits also have the same hard points as the Gorilla but typically are much more lightly armed and usually have one of their shoulder hard points taken up by the GSS Mk 32 mod V Cyclopes sensor fusion unit (a TL11 version of Tactical Sensor Turret on Ultra-Tech pg. 66 with 5× the listed cost). 

Battlesuit Table
TL Armor                               Location          DR            Cost             Weight   Power     LC
10  Mk 12 Gorilla                      All                 180/120    $420,000       615       10 yr.          1
11  Mk 12 mod II Silverback       All                270/180    $2,500,000    710       10 yr.           1
10  Mk 15 Gibbon                      All                135/90       $370,000       550       10 yr.         1
Use the higher DR values against hits to  the front torso, the lower protects all other locations.



Gauss Rifles
GGU Mk 97-R 12.7mm Heavy Battlesuit Rifle (TL10)
The Gauss Gun Unit Mark 97-Rifle is a heavy, high powered fully automatic Gauss rifle capable of being fried in semi-auto, three round limited burst or full auto. It fires a 12.7mm EPAP sabot round that deploys a 2.5mm sub-caliber penetrator made of bulk-amorphous tungsten.

Their magazine holds 50 rounds and contains the three TL10 D-Cells (Ultra-Tech pg. 18-19) needed to power the weapon.

The weapons are attached with a Gyrotabilized Weapon Harness (Ultra-Tech -pg. 150, stats and cost already added into the weapons stat line below) which help stabilize the weapon and folds the weapon up against the suits back when not in use.

Fires a 1120 grain projectile at 5,077 feet per second with a length to diameter ratio of 8, Muzzle Energy is 87kJ, drains 174kW per shot.

Gauss Light Machine Gun
GGU Mk 97-RL12.7mm Heavy Battlesuit Squad Automatic Weapon (TL10)
The Gauss Gun Unit Mark 97-Light Machine Gun is heavy barreled version of the Mk 97-R designed for a higher rate of fire. It also uses a Gyrotabilized Weapon Harness, its stats have already been adjusted to reflect this. 

The weapon is feed from a 115lbs, 150 round drum magazine that is attached the suits back and connected to the weapon with a flexible ammo chute and holds the 8 D-cells needed to fire all the rounds. Infantrymen using this weapon must be careful not to get the chute caught up on terrain features. It can also use the Mk 97-R magazine as well if needed.

If you are using the sustained fire rules form High-Tech (pg. 85-86) then it has a sustained fire fire multiplier of ×4.5 do to both being TL10 and having a heavy barrel.

Fires a 1120 grain projectile at 5,077 feet per second with a length to diameter ratio of 8, Muzzle Energy is 87kJ, drains 174kW per shot.

Gauss Sub Machine Gun
GGU Mk 97-S 12.7mm Heavy Battleusit Sidearm (TL10)
The Gauss Gun Unit Mark 97-Sidearm is a cut down, PDW version of the Mk 97-R designed as a back up or weapon to use in less intense  or built up situations. It fires the same round as the the other Mk 97 builds but at half the velocity and does not make use of a Gyrotabilized Weapon Harness. Also to keep compatibility up and logistics down it uses the same magazine as Mk 97-R but only drains a forth as much of the power cells per shot..

Fires a 1120 grain projectile at 2,540 feet per second with a length to diameter ratio of 8, Muzzle Energy is 21.8kJ, drains 44kW per shot.

GUNS (SMG) (DX-4 or Most other Guns -2)
TL   Weapon   Damage       Acc    Range              Weight   ROF    Shots    ST    Bulk  Rcl   Cost               LC
10    Mk 97-S   11d-1(3) pi    5      2,9000/12,000      35/24      10         50(5)   19    -4       3      $10,100/$437   1

GUNS (RIFLE) (DX-4 or most other Guns at -2)
TL   Weapon   Damage        Acc    Range              Weight   ROF    Shots    ST    Bulk  Rcl   Cost                 LC
10    Mk 97-R     7d×3(3) pi    7      5,800/24,000    67/24     10          50(5)   9†   -8      2       $27,000/$437    1

GUNS (LMG) (DX-4 or Most other Guns -2)
TL   Weapon   Damage        Acc    Range              Weight   ROF    Shots    ST    Bulk  Rcl   Cost                 LC
10    Mk 97-L     7d×3(3) pi    7      5,800/24,000    81/115p   20        150(5)  10†   -8    2       $50,000/$2,200   1


IFSG Mk 12 "Double I-rack" double barreled 64mm Gauss Grenade Launcher (TL10)
The Indirect Fire Support, Gauss Mark 12, nicked named the "Double I-Rack" do to its shape, is a 64mm Gauss grenade launcher used by powered suits to provide short ranged, point heavy fire support while on the "bounce". While the 64mm electromagnetic grenades it fires can use any TL10 grenade warhead, it is normally armed with either HE or Thermobaric warheads.

It is powered by a TL D-cell built into its 20 round magazine.


TL   Weapon   Damage     Acc    Range              Weight   ROF    Shots    ST      Bulk  Rcl     Cost               LC
10    I-Rack     5d pi++     4          150/1,250         99/49      2          20(3)    19M      -6     2       $50,000/$715   1

Electromagnetic Gun Ammunition Table
TL Round     WPS   CPS
10  12.7         0.16   $1.60
10  64mmG    2       $20

Beam Weapons
Plasma Flamers
HEW Mk 5 Battlesuit Heavy Hand Flamer (TL10^)
Originally designed as a heavy deforestation device for clearing our areas for new colonies, the High Energy Weapon Mark 5 got pressed into limited military service as a particularly successful use as one as an improved weapon during a round of "aggressive diplomatics". It has since been pressed into common service as a powered suit side arm after it was found to be a very effective weapon when high-mobility infantrymen are sent out on scorp-hole clearing operations. Its success in these operation spurred the development of the HEW Mk 8 Heavy Flamer.

It fires a 64kJ plasma beam and for increased compatibility, it uses the same Plasma D-cell disposable  magazine as its bigger brother the Mk 8.

HEW Mk 8 Heavy Flamer (TL10^)
A fully militarized version of the Mk 5, the High Energy Weapon Mark 8 is a powered suit sized flamer "rifle" used as the main long arm by at lest 2 infantrymen in a squad on a general mission into  pseudo-scorpiones territory or as the main long arm by units sent to clear "scorp-holes". 

The weapons are attached with a Gyrotabilized Weapon Harness (Ultra-Tech -pg. 150, stats and cost already added into the weapons stat line below) which help stabilize the weapon and folds the weapon up against the suits back when not in use. 

It fires a 216kJ plasma beam and is powered by a plasma D-cell which contains a non-rechargeable power cell and 16 liters of hydrogen.

BEAM WEAPONS (PROJECTOR) (DX-4 or other Beams Weapons -4) 
TL   Weapon           Damage       Acc    Range         Weight   ROF    Shots     ST    Bulk  Rcl   Cost                 LC
10^    Hand Flamer   8d burn         3      130/390      14/D       1          140(3)   11     -5      1      $9,400/$100      1
10^    Heavy Flamer  6d×2 burn    6       290/870    74/2D      1            82(3)    8†   -10    1     $39,000/$200     1

Melee Weapons
KNIFE (DX-4, Force Sword-3, Main-Gauche-3, or Shortsword-3)
TL Weapon        Damage                Reach   Parry  Cost               Weight    ST   Notes
10   Mk 2 Knife  sw+1 +1d(5) cut   C,1      -1          $7,200/$10      4           10    [1, 2]
                    or    thr+3 (5) imp        1

[1]A built in C-cell powers the weapon for 86 seconds. With the vibro function shut off drop the +1d from cutting damage and the drop the armor divisor to (2) for both cutting and impaling damage.
[2] The weapons counts as Super Fine, this give the weapons a (2) armor divisor, adds +2 to damage and gives it +3 to resist breakage. See Ultra-Tech Too by Kenneth Peters from Pyramid 3/51 Tech and Toys III pg. 9-10 for updated rules for Super Fine and Vibro-Blades.

Pseudo-Scorpiones Warriors                                                 362pts
The pseudo-scorpiones come from a world much like our own with a similar atmosphere and slightly higher gravity (1.23G). However despite the similar environment they evolved in,  they only resemble earth scorpions in silhouette. They have six legs, what appear to be two large claws and a long tail and that's were the similarities end. In actual appearance they look quite alien, like some mad scientist's rendition of a giant scorpion. One of the primary differences is that they have an actual muscle-skeleton system and while their outside looks like it's encased in an exoskeleton it's actually covered in bony armor similar in nature to those on member of the ankylosauridae family. This similarity continues into their tails that originally held a bony spiked club rather then a poisonous stinger. Their claws are actually segmented and have evolved to unfold into what are effectively hands. Rather then fingers, each claw segment holds hundreds of semi-prehensile hair like fibers that give them roughly the same manual dexterity as humans though their warriors have their hands reengineered back into a more claw like form. Their heads are not merged into their bodies but rather are mounted on oddly skinny necks that can fold back to the point their heads can touch their bodies were it rests if they are not looking about. Their heads are two ovoid lopes with two sets of eyes, one large and bulbous the other about normal sized, each. Their "mouth" is a enlarged sack that unfolds into tube like structure that envelops it's food. 

Not as much is known about their society, in fact their names for themselves or what they call their world or government is unknown as is the fact if they even have a concept of what a name is. What is known it that they have a class based society of sorts with a ruling caste which seems to be the closest to what they originally looked liked, a science/engineer class which develops their technology and a worker and warrior class that have been heavily generically and cyberengineered to suit their roles. They also have made no attempts to communicate directly, instead they have only used third parties such as allied alien races or human prisoners instead. Their technology is also roughly on par with the Earth Republic's being effectively TL10+1 with the big differences that they make heavy use of bio-mechanical tech and rather then being TL11 in a large range of tech, their +1TL is focused on bio-mechanical tech, energy generation (including nuclear devices) and beam weapons. 

Their warriors have been heavily modified into fighting machines, originally though eugenics then through genetics and finally through bio-mechanical upgrades. Their natural armor has been engineered to to highly resilient naturally and further bounded with advanced metallic laminate plates and their muscle structure greatly boosted for greater strength. Weak points in there body have been reinforced and several "back up organs" have been added to help keep fighting even with massive damage (Reflected in their high HP for their size). Their hands have been "devolved" back into claws with artificial diamondoid tips bounded to them and extra high impulse muscle fibers have been added to greatly increase their shearing strength. And finally their tail cub has been replaced with a cyberneticlly implanted Heavy Blaster (Ultra-Tech pg. 123) and they have pockets added into their bodies that holds 4 bio-mechanical TL 11 D-cells that can fire it for 80 full powered shots. But despite all these upgrades they are seen as disposable by the ruling caste and even have been engineered to only have a max life span of a few years and have any part of their brains not deemed needed for their purposes removed or atrophied giving them very little in the way of emotions, creativity and greatly reducing their over all intelligence.  

Despite having all these fearsome upgrades a warrior is still not quite a match in one on one combat with a High Mobility Infantryman. Their claws are not quite strong enough to pierce the armor on even the standard infantry suit but a lucky hit on a joint can be fatal and an ambush or a overwhelming rush can spell the end for even the best fighting man. Range combat on the other hand, they are quite deadly while a single shot from their implanted Heavy Blaster only has a slight chance of piercing a powered suits front armor, the warriors make up for this by firing hot shotted blasts which can cause a fatal hit from any angle.

Pseudo-scorpiones warriors prefer to both use ambush  and overwhelm tactics and will often have workers bore tunnels under the battle field where they will place 15kt thermonuclear mines for nasty surprises (use Explosives/TL11 (Demolition) skill for placement but they are usually told by their ruling caste commanders in advanced were to place them) or create tunnels to the surface with hidden portals where they can weight and swarm ambush unsuspecting soldiers. Even without workers or tools the warriors can still tunnel at reasonable speeds if they need to being capable of boring through 10.5 cubic feet of soil per minute do to their claws. Since workers have been engineered to be passive to the point that they will not attack even to defend themselves which means they are often paid no mind, another tactic of theirs is to hide among groups of workers, pretending to be them until a group of soldiers walk by and then strike.

Basic Attributes: ST 28 [162]*; DX 11 [20]; IQ 6 [-80]; HT 14 [40].
Secondary Characteristics: Dmg 3d-1/5d+1; BL 157; HP 28 [0]; Will 12 [30]; Per 10 [20]; FP 14 [0]; BS 6.25 [0]; BM 6 [0]; Dodge 9; SM +1, 800lbs. 

Advantages: Absolute Direction [5]; Arm ST +3 (Two Arms; Striking ST only, -30%, Claw attack only, -20%) [9]*; Combat Reflexes [15]; Damage Resistance 20 [100]; Damage Resistance 15 (Directional Top (Counts as front),-20%) [60]; Extra Arm 1 (Weapon Mount, -80%) [2]; Extra Attack 1 [25]; Extra Legs (6 legs;  Cannot Kick, -50%) [5]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Infravision [10]; Natural Weapon: Shearing Claws (Cutting Attack; Armor Divisor 2, +50%; Heavy 3, +30%; Increased Damage +2, +60%; Resilient, +10% ) [18];  Payload 2 (31.4lbs) [2]; Racial Skill Bonus +2 (Stealth) [4]; Racial Skill Bonus +3 (Acting, Optional Specialty only to act like a worker) [6]; Telecommunication (Radio, 10 miles; Secure, +20%) [12].

Perks: Burrower [1].

Disadvantages: Appearance (Monstrous) [-20]; Blood Lust (Self Control Number 12) [-10]; Callous [-5]; Clueless [-10]; Ham-Fisted 3 [-10]; Hidebound [-5]; Horizontal [-10]; Incurious [-5]; Low Empathy [-20]; No Sense of Humor [-10]; Oblivious [-5]; Short Livespan 4 [-40]; Slave Mentality [-40].

Skills: Area Knowledge (Local Colony Territory) (E) IQ+4 [16]-10; Acting (Optional Specialty, only to act like a worker) (E) IQ+2 [4]-11; Brawling (E) DX+3 [8]-14; Gunner (Beams) (E) DX+1 [2]; Navigation/TL10+1 (A) IQ+5 [24]-11; Solider/TL10+1 (A) IQ+4 [20]-10; Stealth (A) DX+0 [2]-13†.

*Includes the -10% special limitation for being SM +1.
†Includes the +2 Racial Skill bonus for Stealth.
Includes the +3 Racial Skill bonus for Acting (Optional Specialty, only to act like a worker).

Attack                 Damage     Reach    Parry      Notes
Shearing Claws  4d(2) cut     C              0           [1,2]
[1] Their claws count as having a weight of 4.4lbs for parrying. If their ST is raised, divide it by 7 rather then 10 when figuring their new weight.
[2] Their claws count as Fine for the purposes of weapon breakage and have DR 40.

EXPLOSIVES/TL11 (DEMOLITIONS) (IQ-5 or Engineer (Combat) or (Mining) -3)
TL   Weapon           Damage                               Wt.     Cost
11    Nuclear Mine  6d×7,500 cr ex                     4     $150,000
                    linked  6d×7,200 burn ex rad sur
Divide the thermonuclear mines cr ex damage by 3 × distance in yards from the center of the blast.
Divide the thermonuclear mines burn ex rad sur damage by 2× distance in yards from the center of the blast.

New Systems
Here's two new systems I've added to help stat up the powered suits.

Jump Rockets
How could you not have drop infantry suits and not have jump rockets? 

Rocket Weight 
This covers the rockets actual weight. It can be one large rocket or (more likely) several smaller ones spread out around the suit to help minimized the stress exerted on the it. 

Weight = TL×Tw in pounds.

TL is 0.017 at TL9, 0.011 at TL10, 0.0085 at TL11 and 0.0057 at TL12.
Tw is the rockets thrust in pounds.  


Cost = Rw×$20

Rw is the rockets weight in pounds.

Jump Points
Think of how many times you want the suit to be able to jump before needing to be refueled, this is the amount of Jump Points (JP) you need. Note that each Jump Points covers both the initial firing to start the jump and the breaking jump at the end, for those who want more detail then double the amount of Jump Points a suit has. Each jump now takes 1JP to start and 1 JP to break to a safe speed at the end.

Use the formula below to figure the weight of the fuel needed to provide that many Jump Points.

Weight of Fuel = JP×Rw×0.000306

JP is the desired number of Jump Points. 
Tw is the rockets thrust in pounds.

Cost of Fuel = Fw×$0.40.

Fuel Tank
Fuel Tanks Have DR 4 at TL9, DR 6 at TL10, DR 8 at TL11 and DR 12 at TL12. If you want you can split the fuel into several different tanks. To do so divide up the weight of fuel into an amount of portions you want and stat up a tank for each one separately. They can be stored internally giving them extra protection but this increases the suits surface area when figuring the suits armor. Add 1/5th of the weight of a full tank to BL when figuring the suits surface area. If stored externally the makes the tanks more vulnerable but also lets you jettison empty tanks to reduce weight.  

Weight of Fuel Tank = (Fw×1.2)-Fw.

Fuel Tank Cost = Tw×$0.30.

Hard Points

A simpler version of the Articulated Weapons Harness that contains just the connections and wiring  needed to hook up pods and gear to the suit. 

Weight =Hw×TL in pounds.

Hw is the maximum weight the hard point is rated to hold. 
TL is 0.1 at TL9, 0.07 at TL10, 0.05 at TL11 and 0.03 at TL12.

Cost = HPw×$5

HPw is the hard points weight.


  1. Jump rockets! Fantastic.

    I have an old sci-fi setting I'd like to get back to, but I've been waiting for GURPS Vehicles, and one of the things I really wanted was jump rockets. Once again, your blog delivers

    1. I try my best! :D

      For the rockets I just took the chemical rocket from GURPS Spaceships and just took how much it weighed per pound of thrust and then took the usual TL progression to it. Fuel was figured the same way with help from Kenneth's Mecha Operations article from Pyramid 3/40.

      Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta get back to figuring if there is any rhyme or reason to how the Force Swords stats were figured....

  2. Cyborg Bug Demons?! NUKE 'EM, RICO!

    Great post! There is a lot of content here (both GURPS and setting). I can definitely see you are a Starship Troopers novel fan :)

    This makes me want to work on that mech entry and that one SST related entry...

    1. Oh yeah, it along with Dune are two books I make a point of to reread at lest once a year. They are both tied as not only my favorite sci-fi novels but my favorite novels period (the reason they're tied is I love them for different but equal reasons).

      SST entry eh? DO IT!

      As for your mech entry, if you got an account on the GURPS forum I can PM you some of formula I used for my mecha design sheet when I get some free time (I have to rewrite them so that they would make sense to a sane person...).

    2. I am on the forums under "Cheomesh", so fire away!

      Both Dune and SST are fine books, probably the only SF novels I've read that have held much re-read appeal to me, not counting Martian Chronicles. Not so much the Dune sequels, though.