Thursday, May 31, 2018

More GURPS Blogs that I like Part IV: The Revengeance Part II!

Holy crap, has it really been a year and a half since I posted about other GURPS blogs that I like?

Welp, time to bring an end to that nonsense! Especially now that the Brotherhood of GURPS Bloggers (who may or may not blog to much...) is over a hundred strong on the GURPSday list that the good ol' doctor of GURPS ballistics has to put together for us (really guys, Doug and Christoper deserve a big hand for how much they have helped the GURPS blog community grow).

First up is n-Body Politics by GURPS forumnite Kreios. Fundamentally this blog is an exercise in world bulding. Which I must say is a niche that needs more filling in the blogOshpere. Basically Kreios is  working on a fairly hard sci-fi setting he is currently calling n-Body Politics and each blog post covers what kinds of tech he wants for the setting, how to handle that tech and how what parts of GURPS he needs to use to get it to work. So far he's found Transhuman Space to be a good source of inspiration for his setting and is currently experimenting with both how 3rd and 4th edition handled specific situations and types of gear.

I got to say that blogs like this are excellent resources for new comers who want to run a game in GURPS or, hell, RPG's in general. Since one of the largest hurdles for new comers is how to even to start to come up with something to start with, this kind of blog (along with Mailanka's excellent Psi-Wars series of posts) help to give a good frame of reference to start off from.

Given how each blog post builds off of each other as he describes his setting, this is one of the few blogs I'd recommend starting from at lest his second post and reading them all in order (especially as his post count right now tops off at only 27 as of this post being write).

But just in case you don't have the time, here's a couple of good examples of what this blog is about.

This is the second post on the blog and the first one the really covers what the blog is about and goes to show you how much detail he's putting into this setting. 

This one covers a very important aspect of war that often ignored, the dreaded L word, Logistics.

And for some tech fun, some write ups covering some future AFV and fighters.

Next up is a blog I found out about only a few days before I started writing this blog quite on accident. It's called Biroids and Bombots  and run by a gentleman called Phil who I inso far as I know is not a member of the forums or GURPS discord. This blog is excursively about Transhuman Space and a rather meaty resivor of posts covering new weapons, new cybershells, new ways to use existing setting tech and musing on how to adapt more modern military tech and trends that came out after Transhuman Space first came out to the setting. While sadly a good chunk of his posts only describe the tech he covers rather then provides stats, the posts that do are nice and crunchy. Just the way I like it.

His post on 20mm Micromissiles and Rounds (which includes friggin' 20mm shotgun rounds!) is the first one I came across. A very good first impression.

His latest post on the effects of smoke on the battlefield is a pretty over all useful one.

This post covers the rules side of using weapons in Transhuman Space but if another overall generally useful post.

While lacking stats, this write of a spider like scybershell is both awesome and terrifying, especially since I hate Eight Legged Freaks! 

Last up is the quirky but fun blog 3d6 and Go! by GURPS Discord regular Natherz. While neither crunchy and not really sci-fi or tech originated he does cover a lot neat GURPS conversions of  anime characters well as going pretty much all out in doing a GURPS conversion of the adorably awesome micro-anime Aggretsuko as well as posting all sorts of useful tables and item cards for the low, low, price of free.

Here's his GURPS Aggretsuko adaption. It has a special stress mechanic that needs some place testing so if you give a try please drop him your thoughts on it either in a reply to the post or on the discord server.

As a major Cowboy Bebop fan (if you haven't seen it and are a fan of Firefly, then you're pretty much already a fan of Cowboy Bebop, you just don't know it yet) I also support his write of the series lead, Spike Spiegel. More Bebop please.

Also just for the LAWLZ, his write up of the inferior Pokemon lead, Ash Ketchum (and Pikachu).

Also, Also the One Punch Man himself.... though his Trademark (Always kills with one Punch) seems like a bit of  a cop out heh.

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