Thursday, April 19, 2018

Ultra-Tech Ultra-Quickie: Electrolaser Design

While I wasn't originally planning on posting this week, inspiration hit me last minute!

I was  flipping through Ultra-Tech (as I'm want to do) when I came across the section on Electrolasers and realized I never paid these weapons too much mind before. I gave that section a quick read and decided to see if I could take it apart and build a logical system out of it.

Despite the massive amount of typos and oddities there were on weapon stat tables, I was able to quickly take it apart and thought what the heck, might as well make quick post out of it!

Hop on over the jump break and see how to add Electrolasers to the list of weapons you can build with the Blaster and Laser Design System.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Ultra-Tech: New Laser Options

A while ago a user of the GURPS Discord server by the name of Jose asked me for help designing a TL10 laser that could be used underwater, punch through DR300 and had to be at lest somewhat man portable but at lest he was ok with it being disposable. Sounded like a fun challenge so I gave it go and came up with a bit of an house rule that let him have a laser with a 3 armor divisor at the cost of a major reduction in range, slapped it on a disposable laser and made it out of advanced material to get the weight down to a semi-reasonable level.

Well, he was happy with it and I figured that I had my next blog post.... and then life happened.

But now I'm back! Follow me after the jump for more musings and options to get more millage out of your laser weapons.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Spaceships Ultra-Quickie: Even More Survivable Spaceships

Yeah, it's been a while. I tried back when I posted my lost article to get back to blogging but sadly things didn't go to well.

Welp, I'm taking another shot at getting the ball rolling and hopefully I can make it stick this time heh.

So I figured might as well start off with a quick lil' post to easy back into things while I finish up some of more complex ideas.

For this quick post I'm gonna take another crack at making ships and vehicles you make in GURPS Spaceships a little more survivable.

Military Grade Armor (TL10+)
The stats for Nanocomposite, Diamondoid, and Exotic Laminate represent the type of materials that would be used in either civilian level vessels or "unarmored" style ships that are more like modern navel destroyers. This is usually do to cost since higher grades of armor materials are far more expensive. However, higher grade materials are available if cost isn't a major factor.

Military grade armor doubles the dDR that a system of  Nanocomposite, Diamondoid, and Exotic Laminate give buy cost 4 times as much. This armor also counts as laminate and doubles its dDR against shaped charge and plasma based attacks.

Do to the cost most large ships and vehicles are not going to be able to afford to cover the whole ship in the best armor and instead will only either only cover the sides likely to be hit in combat (such as the front hull for tanks or for ships meant to attack into their forward arc while approaching the enemy) or you can use my optional rules here to simulate adding armored belts to protect only specific sections of a ship.

Friday, July 21, 2017

High-Tech: TL 8 Lasers

Pew Pew Pew: Real Life Edition.
Yes you read that right, today I'm actually tackling something that's now TL 8 modern tech!

Now that things have calmed down at work a bit (for now at lest, the calm before the storm >.>) so I think it's time to get back into things.

To help ease myself back into blogging I decided to tackle a quick but quirky topic: How to stat up TL 8 lasers!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

State of the Blog

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates as of late.

We're down people at my job and they're using me to plug all of the holes so days off have become just about nonexistent for me as of late. Add this to the fact that as it gets warmer my already really busy jobs gets twice as bad and I'm both mentally and physically exhausted.

This has left me with little energy left over to focus on being creative for my blog and so... the lack of content for the time being.

The good news however if that we should be getting someone by Sunday so hopefully things will calm down a bit more me and I'll be able to get some much need rest and recovery and get back at it.

Though even if things don't slow down for me any time soon I am still working on posts, just at a trickling pace so either way new content is coming, it's just a matter of how soon I can get it out heh.

Just hang in there guys, I'll be back at it soon.
Like most proud ethnic kekistanis I too have to supplement my kek farming by working under the oppression of normie scum.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

SATNUC: Lances of Star Fire

The business end of a very bad day...

Back in good ol' 3rd Edition, one of the most glorious bits of overkill ever put to print for the system was the SATNUC. A cross over from the Ogre universe,the SATNUC was self guiding submunition  similar in concept  to the (sadly canceled) Brilliant Anti-Tank munition with one major difference; rather than a self forging penetration, it uses a shaped charge micro-nuke! Of course in the gaming universe this bit of ridiculousness originally existed in there are AI controlled multi-thousand ton tanks armed out of pure win and awesome this kinda weapon does make some sense... in others.... not so much... But gawd damn was it a fun bit of tech!

Of course when for 4th edition came out, sadly this little gem was left out. But hey... that's what you guys have me for! Follow me after the jump where I cover not only my take on what SATNUCs should look like in 4th ed but I also throw in a shaped charge version of the mininuke and a design system where you can craft your very own custom SATNUCs and shaped charge nukes!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Gauss Weapons, Reloaded!

Not going to lie. I want one!
I've long said that I was going to get around to tackling gauss weapons on this post and its about time I make good with my word!

In today's (late GURPSday) post I take a look over the gauss weapons in Ultra-Tech and see if I can give them a good dose of updating!