Monday, December 5, 2016

Yet more GURPS Blogs and Posts I like Part III: Making the Blogsphere Great Again!

Hey guys, it be that time again!

There's been a influx of new GURPS related blogs as of late and we're entering a golden time for independently produced content. So I'd figure might as well as do my part and help give them a little extra exposure.

Hard Maths 
Run by GURPS forumnite thecommabandit, starting out back in February Hard Math is only relatively new but it has started to ramp up its content as of late so I'm counting it!

Now what makes this blog rock is not only it's another Ultra-Tech focused blog to add to the list but one that so far that had some really cool concepts on it. You see, much like my blog it likes to crunch out and reverse engineer Ultra-Tech to blog up some much needed sci-fi content. What's different and what's make me like this blog is that it takes it in a another direction from mine. As you guys might have noticed, outside of going over plasma weapons, my stuff has been more on the hard sci-fi side of things. Thecommabandit however, takes things to the more super/exotic science side of things giving a good contrast to my site.

Equipment Locker: New Beams for Blaster and Laser Design: As of this writing this is his newest post and by far I think his best. He went through the effort to go through just about every energy weapon type found in Ultra-Tech and take them apart and convert them over to David's Blaster and Laser Design article from Pyramid 3/37 Tech and Toys II! So yeah, this one gets top billing on my, "If you only check out one of my recommendations, make it be this one!" list.

Equipment Locker: Boser Weapons: Here he gives us a rather cool custom energy weapon type that straddles the line between normal and super science.

Dramatis Personae: Ilia Elektrostal, Ex-Corporate Freemerchant Captain: An interesting write up of a Russian captain of cargo hauling starship who, along with her crew get a little fed up with getting stiffed by their employers and take things into their own hands. Needless to say, my coworkers and myself can relate to her plight heh.

Tabletop Ramblings of a High-Tech Lowlife 
A brand spanking new blog that also is focusing in on Ultra-Tech stuff, this time with a Cyber Punk theme! He also plans on doing some Crimsion Skyish style content as well so I'm gonna keep an eye on this one.

Since he's still so new that he only has 3 post so far including his intro post I"m not going to link to anyone since you might as well check it all out at this point heh.

Oh, how you haunted my childhood >.<
Generic Universal Eggplant
Holy crap this guy is pumping out content like a god damn mad man! Hell, he's giving the O'l Pseudoboo the run for his money in this regard! While he covers things that are not my normal cup of tea, he has started to do some Ultra-Tech and is so prolific there's bound to be something here for everyone. Color me impressed with this one!

Sorcery: Modifying Sorcery: Without a doubt GURPS Sorcery is my favorite magic system variant GURPS has so I'm always excited to see what other people have to add to it . Needless to say the GU Eggplant doesn't disappoint giving some good food for thought on different enhancements and limitations you can use to add some extra flavor to the system.

Ultra-Tech: DR/Damage Comparison: Woot! Some Ultra-Tech content! Here he provides a handy (if a bit clunky) spreadsheet that lets you see what you need to be proof against the different weapons found in Ultra-Tech.

Powers: Metacreativity: Now, to be honest, I've never been to big on Psionics in my games. That being said, I still found this take on the D&D Psionics pretty interesting.


  1. This reminds me that I need to get writing again - too many drafts, not enough time in the evenings!

    1. I feel ya. While I would love to see some new content from ya (especially more C&C stuff) but this is a pretty understandable time to not have a lot of it to spare heh.

      I'm feeling the holiday crunch as well, that and since I'm in process of looking for a new place to move to has slowed down my output a fair bit too

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! I had an idea for something we might collaborate on, so what's the best way to get in touch?

    1. If you're part of the Brotherhood of GURPS bloggers who blog to much you can get in touch with me through that, I'm listed as Erik Michalik on it.

      If not, PM me on the Forum where I go by The_Ryujin.

      Definitely looking forward to seeing what you got cooking up.