Monday, May 7, 2018

A Large Battle Update Ship Approaches!: Shield: Reactionary Armor

Recently, fellow GURPS blogger Cheomesh added another insanely detailed write of a NOD vehicle on his blog for his Command and Conquer campaign, The Rekeb light tank.

Basically an improved up modded version of the M24 Caffee that is typical of NOD's habit of taking seemingly out of date third world vehicles and remaking them into systems that are useful on the modern battlefield.

Well while reading over his write up I noticed that he had a variant using reactive armor  and he used my rules for stating them up. He also noted that their stats seemed to be a little too good vs. KE rounds. Well he was right. My stats are for hypothetical  TL9+  which are based on more advanced of modern generation 3 type reactive armors which are designed to defeat KE rounds as well as HEAT. They type of reactive armor that NOD would have, especially given that his setting is in the 90's would be closer to Gen 1 reactive armors which had little in the way of defeating KE rounds outside of the normal DR the bricks of reactive armor had.

So I left a reply on his blog clearing that up and on a whim I decided to look over my reactive armor post and.... well... I noticed that I kinda goofed up on some of the numbers! I really don't know what happened but more then likely it had something to do with my old habit of staying up to around 4 in the morning attempting to finish my posts by Thursday.

So needless to say I reedited the post with the corrected numbers!

Sorry for an inconvenience this caused! I'll try to keep and eye out for any other mistakes this large and correct them as needed. I also may go back and update some posts if I find newer data that makes what I posted out of date.

So once again, here's the link to the post: Shield: Reactionary Armor. 

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