Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Welp, I've just came down with a cause of the blogs....

Generic first blog post and introduction. 

Welp, I've finally come down with a case of the blogs.

The roleplaying system I prefer, GURPS, has had for the past year-two years or so a tradition called Thursday is GURPS Day. On any given Thursday, fans of the system of all walks would post something on their blog GURPS related ranging from book reviews to campaign outlines to rule tinkerings and breakdowns.

Personally I've always had a thing for tinkering with gear and weapons. Figuring out how they work so I can expand on them and do custom variants for the games I run. To the end, GURPS was really the first RPG system I've played where you could really take things apart, find they make sense, expound on that and make changes that also made sense. During my tinkering I've figured out how weapons like HEAT rounds and plasma weapons are stat, the energy densities of power cells, how to customize power armor and even slap together mecha builder that gets decent results and much more.

With all this stuff I've tinkered with either written down, on a spreadsheet or floating around in me noggin' I've been wanting to contribute to GURPS Day for a while now but between me jut being lazy and my work destroying most of my free time I have have put this on my, "Oh, I'll get around to it." pile for a good year now.

So... what changed? Well I recently found out some of the guys I work with are RPGers and never played GURPS before so I asked them if they'd be interested if I ran a demo for them and they said yes. While working on this campaign I've really felt alive for the first time in a while. My job up this point has become a burden that has suck the life out of me but now that I  know I can talk shop with  my coworkers  I not only actually feel excited to go to work for the first time in a long while but working on this game has reawaken new energy and vigor in me and so here I am finally knocking this lil' ambition of mine off of my to do list.

Now given how often my job calls me in and consumes my life I can't make any promises I'll be able to keep a regular update on this blog but I'll try and hopefully you'll find something you can use in the games you run.

But wait.... what if you're somehow landing on this blog and have no clue what GURPS is?

"Is is contagious and if I contract GURPS should I inform a doctor?" You might ask.

To that I answer, "Nay!" Instead rejoice for you have come across one of the best pen and paper role playing games out there.

GURPS is an acronym for Generic Universal Role Playing System and that's a pretty apt explanation for what it is. Unlike most other RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons which tend to be focused on a very specific genre and or style of play, GURPS is a tool kit that lets an aspiring GM build a setting that he wants to, give it the proper genre and even tweak how realistic or cinematic it is. In sort it's the RPG equivalent of being given a big bag full of every type of lego you could ever want to build whatever you need.

But more then that it has one of the tightest and most fulfilling rules systems I've ever seen. There's no, "Oh, your not so and so class or don't have this or that feat so you can't do that! in GURPS. You have not only so much control over how to create your character but the rules are flexible to pretty much let you do anything that would be reasonable for you character to do if they were a real person.

If this system sounds interesting to you, Click here and download a free copy of GURPS lite. It has all the base line rules you need to know how to play (everything in the main book is just optional extra detail)  and even enough meat on its bones for you to play out a simple campaign.

After you've checked out GURPS lite, click here to check out the official GURPS forum. It's an awesome place where you'll find plenty of food for thought, help on rules questions and a chance to talk to the very people who write the books.

Alright guys. Thanks for wasting a bit of your time reading me rant on for far too long. I hope I can bring some cool content that you find interesting and useful.

Coming this Thursday as my first real post: Plasma Guns, Re-Energized!


  1. Welcome to the Brotherhood of Bloggers Who Blog Too Much!

  2. Holy crap that was fast! O.O

    Thanks Ghostdancer, hopefully I can live up to at lest half of the standard you and Doug have set.

    1. First: welcome.
      Second: you have an email to send. To gurpsday@gmail.com. :-)

    2. Sent and.... resent do to crappy internet! I hope I sent the right RSS link... it took me forever to find that thing heh.

      Man, don't even have my first real post up and I'm already on the RADAR, you guys work fast :D