Thursday, August 11, 2016

Minor name change for now, possible major change later...

Well I just got a bit of advice from the venerable Douglas Cole. From a replay he gave me from his current GURPS Day article on his excellent blog Gaming Ballistic! (Go read it NOAW!) he said: "One thing I will point out is that while being self-deprecating is OK for interpersonal relationships, it works best if you're (a) awesome, and (b) well known. It's one thing for Michael Jordan to say 
 "yeah, I played basketball OK." It's another for me to say it. If you're trying to gain readership on a blog - and you are - and your selling point is "I'm Unoriginal" and also "I'm writing for a game that fills no more than 3-5% of the RPG market" you're doing yourself no favors.

So, calling it GURB - Generic Universal Roleplaying Blog is a nice play on words. It's informative, anyone who knows GURPS will know what you're saying, and those that don't (or play other games) might come in because your blog might be Generic and Universal. (With a name like that, I'd see what system agnostic advice you can pull out of each post, FWIW. It's why my blog - Gaming BALLSTIC - has a bunch of firearms stuff on it and is firearm themed in its descriptions. You give the audience what they expect, at least initially!)"

Definitely some good food for thought. 

You see, I'm not good with coming up with titles for my works. I kinda suck as it so when it came time to come up with a name for my blog I said, "Oh screw it!" and just used the first semi-funny title that popped in my head. I really didn't think too deeply into how it would "brand me" and Mr. Cole is right... not a good idea if I want my blog to grow. 

For now I'm getting rid of the Unoriginal  "gag" and changing my blogs name to The Generic Universal Roleplaying Blog! Though I might change my blogs name completely in the future. As it is my blogs name sends the message that my site is going to be more, "anything goes" and will be more about GURPS as a whole. I do plan on going over the system and its rules and why I like it but for the most part my posts are going to largely be more along the lines of Plasma Guns, Re-Energized! where I give my readers ways to stat up  the custom gear that they want for their games while at the same time matches RAW as closely as possible.  

So sorry about my rocky start, hopefully I'll be able to iron out the wrinkles and nail down the message I want my blog to send out.



  1. On the bright side, your blog title tells you something about what you're up to on it. Mine does not.

    1. Well it's all about how far you want to take it. If you're blog is just for fun then it doesn't matter.

      On my end, I got some big names in GURPS who noticed my blog and want to see mine and the other GURPS blog grow and stand out. So I want to give it the old collage try and see how far I can take it.

      Also saw your comment on Doug's site. I got some stuff in the works I think you might like. Right now I'm working on a article covering how to use unique corporations to not only add background and world building to the gear your characters buy but as a way to justify giving the gear different types of equipment modifiers. After that I'm gonna stat up a list of different types of plasma weapons and use them as examples of how use corporate modifiers to give flavor and life to gear. Oh and I got a few neat weapon in mind for that list...

      Let's just say when I was on my break at work today,I figured out a way to stat out a Plasma shot gun :D

    2. Well, I'm definitely interested in reading them when they're out. Give a couple of mine a go sometime if you get a chance; I think I've done about five weapons at this point. Which reminds me, I need to get back to doing some more...