Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ultra-Tech Super Quickie: Someone Already Beat Me to Updating the ETC Rules

Real quick one for you guys today.

One thing that I get a lot of requests for is way to update the ETC (Electrothermal-Chemical) rules from Ultra-Tech (pg. 139) which many agree are a bit wonky. Well, I've been collecting what little info on this tech that is available openly, trying to see if I can come up with a better figure.

Welp, David beat me to this. In this GURPS forum post he listed the current (well current as of  almost 3 years ago heh) values he's using for the Armorers Handbook (His and Hans inhouse weapon design system that will hopefully see the light of day some decade....The things I would do to just get half an hour with that manuscript....).

For what it's worth, my research was leading me to believe that 1st gen ETC would make rounds about 1.3 times more powerful so it at lest seems we were on the same page.

Well there you guys go, values for ETC that aren't as game breaking and more in line with reality. 


  1. 1.3 has the advantage of matching hotshot lasers and gaining a simple +1 per die.

    1. Yeah, funny how real world figures line up pretty well with that.

      But till the official rules come out, using the 1.3× figure for TL9 ETC is the simpler option so for what little it's worth it gets my stamp of approval heh.