Monday, October 3, 2016

More Blogs and Posts that I Like

More Blogs and Posts that I Like
Once again I'm covering some blogs that I've enjoyed giving a read. I hope you guys check em out and spread the word.  Check em out  after the jump!

No School Grognard
Another blog by a fellow GURPS forumnite who goes by the handle mlangsdorf. His blog covers a wide variety of GURPS related topics from session reports of the games he's running to rule musing and everything in between. His blog also has a nice mix of sci-fi and fantasy content to go around (some times in the same post heh).

Here are a few of my favorite posts so far.

As you might guess I'm a pretty big mecha fan and do love me some games made Dream Pod 9. Needless to say when I saw that he stated up some examples of the mecha from Jovian Chronicles in the GURPS Spaceships format and gave some example of using them in play with the Spaceships space combat rules, I was quite pleased.

Here's his write up of two of the games most iconic mecha, the Pathfinder and Syreen.

And a write up of the Jovian Confederation Valiant Class Strike Carrier and the CEGA Bricriu Class Corvette.

And some combat examples.

But wait! There's more!

There's also his amazingly awesome campaign, Mecha Against the Giants. The basic premise is pretty simply. A couple of mecha pilots get magic'ed into a fantasy realm that's being attacked by titans giants and they got to get to saving peoples while trying to find a way home. Oh and they only have whatever ammo they brought with them and their mechs need fuel while they do all this. So yeah, a really awesome idea.

Here's his intro post on the campaign were he covers how he stated up the mechs and giants.

And here's his first play session report.

The Phantom Belch
This blog is run by another forum regular, Phantasm. While still  new and is only some times updated, it still has some gems in it.

This post gives a good break down on the different kinds of power modifiers GURPS uses and when you should use them.

And who doesn't love them some dysentery? While only vaguely  GURPS related, I think anyone who played The Oregon Trail back in the day at school while get a kick out of this post.

 And while technically not a blog related, I do want to call out his insanely awesome GURPS Unofficial Handbook to the Marvel Universe, Reboot Edition. The amount of effort this man has put into it is mind blowing and is well worth a look!

Here's his forum thread where he usually posts his conversion first. 

And here's his still very much work in progress site covering the project.

A new challenger appears! 

Bira recently started up a blog, whose name is beyond awesome, called Octopus Carnival

He doesn't have too many posts up so you can probably knock through them in a single viewing. So far he seems to have a adapting video game setting to GURPS theme going on and as a fellow gamer I approve. 

Here's my favorite post so far covering his over all thoughts on adapting video games settings. 

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